The five Working Groups (WG) Terrestrial, Cryosphere, Marine, Atmosphere and Social & Human are IASC´s scientific core elements. The overall responsibilities of these WGs are to identify and formulate scientific content and foci, act as scientific advisory boards to the IASC Council and to assist IASC in the implementation of its science mission. The WGs are designed to cover the full breadth of Arctic research, but two years after their formation it became apparent that geological research is underrepresented in the current WG structure. To address this issue, IASC Council agreed to form an Action Group on Geosciences (AGG) with the terms of reference to provide strategic advice to the IASC Council and WGs on both long-term opportunities and priorities in the field of Geoscience research in a broader sense. Since geosciences embrace a wide variety of scientific disciplines, emphasis is given to the overarching aspects of research.


2018 Update

In early 2018, an internationa workshop was convened on Geoscientific Contributions for a Better Understanding of the Arctic System. IASC was represented at this meeting by Naja Mikkelsen. The Meeting Report and a related White Paper build and expand on the work of the IASC Action Group.


MembershipCountry of ResidenceArea of Expertise
Carlo Barbante -Chair University of Venice, Italy Geogeochemisty, Paleoclimate
Benoit Beauchamp University of Calgary, Canada Sedimentology
Bernie Coakley University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA Marine Geology
Mikhail Grigoriev Permafrost Institute Yakutsk, Russia Geocryology/Geomorphology/Permafrost
Naja Mikkelsen Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark Marine Geology
Victoria Pease University of Stockholm, Sweden Tectonic Evolution
Karsten Piepjohn Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany Hardrock Geology
Volker Rachold -Secretary IASC, Germany Permafrost


The Action Group developed a report, including a set of recommendations, which was presented to the IASC Working Groups and IASC Council.

Final Report of the Action Group on Geosciences

Contact: Volker Rachold | AG Secretary