Submit session proposals by May 22:

ArcticNet invites proposals for sessions of interest to the northern research community for the 2021 Virtual ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting held from December 6-10, 2021.

The ArcticNet ASM is one of the largest Arctic Science Conference in the world. This is your opportunity to join the global network of research leaders, contribute to the Arctic research conversation at the ArcticNet ASM2021 and help shape the future of innovative and excellence Arctic research.

Hearing feedback from the community, ASM2021 is inviting submissions for new ways to share. Session formats include:

  1. Topical sessions: Topical sessions will automatically go through the Call for Abstracts process. These will be pre-recorded sessions followed by a live Q&A period.
  2. Panel discussions: Panel Discussions will not go through the Call for Abstracts process. These may be pre-recorded or live sessions.
  3. Town Hall: Town Hall sessions will not go through the Call for Abstracts process. These will live sessions with a flexible format depending on the will of the co-Chairs.

Proposals should identify at least two co-Chairs planning to attend the Conference. Session proposals should include an informative title (max 120 characters) and a short description (less than 1000 characters). Descriptions should be broad enough to include all interested researchers, regardless of affiliation or research background.

While we hope to see everyone together in person soon, given the continued uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the conference will be hosted virtually again this year. So many of you came together last year to build connections and share your research. We look forward to building on this momentum to bring the Arctic research community together in an even more engaging way this year!

Check out the highlights from Arctic Change 2020:

Amplifying Indigenous and Northern voices throughout the ASM2021 is essential. We are excited be working with Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) on two Inuit-led sessions to ensure Inuit voices are centred throughout the conference. These sessions will discuss the National Inuit Strategy on Research and the Inuit Nunangat Research Program. We look forward to further submissions of Inuit- and Indigenous-led sessions.

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