Margareta Johansson Coordinator Margareta Johansson Lund University
Terry Callaghan Scientific Coordinator Terry Callaghan Sheffield University, Tomsk State University

INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) gained an infrastructure award from the EU's 7th Framework (infrastructure programme) in 2010 and a new award from the EU Horizon2020 Framework programme in 2016. INTERACT is a network of 79 terrestrial research stations. The research stations are located in all of the Arctic countries and in many neighbouring northern countries. The INTERACT stations together hosts over 5,000 researchers and 76 individual environmental networks every year. INTERACT is building capacity for research, monitoring and education at national, regional and global scales. It works with many international organisations and is also highly visible in political circles. It brings station managers together to share information and data and to promote interoperability of measurements, and it increases researcher mobility and has funded over 500 researchers to visit all Arctic countries. It is also developing new methodology in rapid response to environmental emergency alerts, drone technology, biodiversity monitoring and local adaptation. This innovative and huge network ensures active participation in addressing environmental challenges of both local and global significance.







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