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Acknowledging the link between anthropogenic carbon emissions and rapid changes in the Arctic, including the Arctic amplification of climate change, IASC has recently convened an Action Group on Carbon Footprint (AGCF). The remit of the AGCF is to facilitate a full organisational response to the climate crisis and to explore ways to minimise the carbon footprint of IASC-related activities themselves. As an organisation promoting research and transnational access in the Arctic, we have a duty to mitigate the impacts of our activities, as well as to lead the way.
We wish to take into account the broad perspectives, needs and requirements of both researchers and wider stakeholders in our recommendations. With this in mind, we are holding an event (2 hrs maximum) to launch our consultation with the community. 
At the event, we will briefly present the remit of the AGCF but the main aim is to hold smaller group discussions (depending on numbers) to seek your views on (a) the challenges facing us in seeking to reduce our carbon footprint (whilst continuing to support excellent science and capacity-building), and (b) what might be the best mechanisms/strategies to address these challenges. The only preparation required, in advance of the event, is to give these issues some thought and come prepared to engage with the discussions during the session. In short, we want to hear your views, and we encourage anyone with an interest in IASC activities and Arctic research to join us.
To maximise the opportunity for input, we will run this community event twice, on 21 April 2021. Please register for the time that suits you best (there is no need to come to both meetings!):
Further information from Sophie Haslett ( or Philip Wookey (, Co-Chairs of the IASC Action Group on C Footprint.


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