The "Well-Being of the Sami People, the Value of Reproductive Health and Environment Quality" workshop has been postponed to 17-18 February. The workshop will be held in Apatity, Murmansk region both online and in-person.

The main aim of the workshop is to draw the attention of indigenous communities and the scientific community to the problems of indigenous health and its fundamental component - reproductive health, well-being - to the environment quality and its transformation; to discuss a wide range of issues related to reproductive health and reproductive behavior of young people; to exchange information and experiences on health preservation, improving its reserves; to optimize the relationship of human communities and the environment; to conduct a multidisciplinary study of human, natural and medical problems of well-being. The Workshop program will include documents presenting the results of interdisciplinary basic and applied research. Discussion of scientific projects within the framework of international cooperation is envisaged.

More info: click here (PDF)

The Contribution of the Reproductive Health and the Quality of the Arctic Environment is co-funded through the IASC cross-cutting funds with contributions from the IASC Social & Human WG and ISIRA


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