Against the background of ongoing permafrost degradation induced by global climate warming,research on land use in northern tundra and taiga regions is in the spotlight of scientific and public interest. Specifically, responses of northern indigenous communities towards environmental changes are highly relevant. Besides predicting the impacts of climate-related landscape changes on people’s livelihoods on permafrost, investigations of past and present local human impacts on permafrost dynamics are essential for understanding the complex interaction of the permafrost landscape system.



Ulrich, M. and J. O. Habeck






Frozen Ground



Ulrich, M. and J. O. Habeck (2017): Permafrost and Culture (PaC): Integrating Environmental, Geo-, and Social Sciences to Assess Permafrost Dynamics and Indigenous Land Use. In: Frozen Ground 41, p. 4 - 6.



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Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use in the Northern Urals: Combining insights of local land users, environmental and social scientists



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