The 13th European Polar Low Workshop was organized by the European Polar Low Working Group and gathered scientists from nine countries focusing on polar mesocyclones in both hemispheres and other mesoscale weather phenomena such as katabatic winds, tip jets, boundary layer fronts, cold air outbreaks, and weather extremes in polar regions. Topics included experimental, climatological, theoretical, modeling, and remote sensing studies. The aim was to bring together scientists and forecasters to present their latest work and recent findings on these topics and to encourage discussions on improving forecasting and understanding of these phenomena.



Spengler, T., Claud, C., & G. Heinemann 






Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society



Spengler, T., Claud, C., & Heinemann, G. (2017). Polar Low Workshop Summary, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98(6), ES139-ES142.



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