The Forum will:

  • Work as a soft coordination body by facilitating information sharing for information about national and international calls for Arctic research projects without creating additional administrative burden for the funding organisations.
  • Develop bilateral and multilateral research funding programmes and calls, in accordance with the values and objectives outlined in the Joint Statement of Ministers from the Arctic Science Ministerial.
  • Provide a venue for Forum participants to come together to consider “big ideas” (e.g., MOSAiC), be forward-leaning, and overcome obstacles to achieving the goals of the ASM.
  • Serve as a means to communicate priorities, activities, and opportunities, thereby catalysing synergies and extra leverage on national funding. It also may help adapt and optimize funding calls (timing, priorities, requisites, etc.) from the parties prioritising international perspective.

The Forum itself is not a funding organisation and will not organise research calls or fund research projects, but its members are pivotal in funding or supporting Arctic science. Synergies with other international initiatives of funding or supporting agencies may also be explored.

For further details, see the Working Procedures of the Forum.

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