AMAP and the Norwegian Environment Agency in connection with the Minamata Convention COP5 have organised the Webinar Arctic regional and National mercury assessment to inform the Minimata Convention, which will be held on Thursday 12 October 2023 at 16:30-17:30 CEST.  The webinar is part of the COP5 online-event arrangement that is taking place this week.

This event will present findings from the AMAP2021 assessment of Mercury in the Arctic, and Norway's national mercury assessment. The webinar presentations will summarise latest data on observed trends, human health impacts, and indigenous peoples' perspectives, and present new knowledge concerning linkages to the influence of climate change on mercury fate and transport in the Arctic. It will focus on findings and recommendations relevant to the work of the Minimata Convention, in particular its effectiveness evaluation process.  

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John Chételat, (ECCC, Canada)
Policy-relevant findings and AMAP mercury assessment

Sofi Jonsson (Stockholm University, Sweden)
Climate change influences on mercury transport and fate in

Niladri Basu (McGill University, Canada)
The impact of mercury

Hans Fredrik Braaten (NIVA, Norway)
The Norwegian mercury assessment

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