For the fourth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-4) to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, the scientific community underscores the critical need to prioritize health in the ongoing negotiations.

The ISC is committed to supporting Member States and relevant parties to deliver an effective, science-based legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution by championing integrated scientific inputs into the ongoing negotiations.

Strong political action is currently hindered by existing uncertainties regarding health impacts and the dissemination of misinformation by vested interests. Therefore, negotiations should capitalize on the latest and best available scientific knowledge and adopt a precautionary approach, especially in light of emerging evidence highlighting significant health risks associated with plastics. 

In preparation for INC-4, the ISC expert group on plastic pollution has prepared a High-level commentary in response to the Revised Draft and ongoing negotiations. The commentary underscores a set of science-based recommendations to inform ongoing negotiations, ensuring an effective and robust regulatory instrument and implementation.

Download the High-level Commentary: Key Requirements for a Science-based International Legally Binding Instrument to End Plastic Pollution

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