The Executive Committee of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) is delighted to present Dr Robert Corell with its Award for Service.

The honour recognises his life-long scientific contributions to the understanding of global change and the interface between science and public policy, particularly those research activities that are focused on the science of global and regional climate change in the Arctic region. As well as for the promotion of Arctic research in general through his dedicated, inspiring and successful mentorship and leadership.

Dr Corell has been visiting and working in the Arctic for more than 50 years. His research is of exceptional quality, depth and relevance and has resulted in an extensive list of publications, awards and wider recognition. He has been one the pioneers of climate change science on global and regional scales, making global leaders aware of the dramatic nature of change in the Arctic and the urgency of responding to that change. He has made great strides in making genuine and impactful connections between science and public policy, and in really making use of Arctic science for society. He has led important workstreams within the Arctic Council, in particular the influential Arctic Climate Impact Assessment reports, as well as work for UNEP, the IPCC and many others. This leadership has had a long-lasting and positive impact on the understanding of change in the Arctic and connections with global environmental systems.

This Award especially recognises his close involvement in the preparatory work in the late 1980s to lay the ground for the creation of IASC. That careful work and his subsequent involvement have helped create a long-lasting and successful organisation. As the Chair of the IASC Regional Board and of the ICARP II process Dr Corell introduced new multi-disciplinary approaches and made great strides in ensuring broader consultation and engagement in decision making. His championing of the great potential for improved understanding through better interaction between science and Indigenous knowledge has helped to transform understanding.

In this Award the Executive Committee also recognise the important leadership role he has played in supporting and inspiring the next generations of researchers. His work as a champion and enabler of early career researchers, of support for the inclusion of diverse Arctic voices and in particular his support in the creation of APECS have all made an enormous contribution. His generous investment of time, skill and enthusiasm in the scientists who come after has been an inspiration to the wider research community.

Dr Corell now joins a very select group of Arctic specialists to receive the IASC Award for Service. Odd Rogne, former IASC Executive Secretary, received the first award in 2015.

The IASC Executive Committee expresses its deep gratitude to Dr Corell for his exceptional and sustained contributions to the understanding of the Arctic, his support to the long-term success of IASC and to better connecting the worlds of science and public policy. At a time when international cooperation in Arctic research has never been more urgent or relevant his life-long service is an example to follow.

Many congratulations to Dr Robert Corell on his IASC Award for Service.

I’d like to Dedicate this Award to the many men and women colleagues who over decades have collaborated to make the insights and actionable knowledge about the Arctic possible”.  Dr Robert Corell

Photo:  Dr Robert Corell. Photo courtesy of Dr Robert Corell


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