After 10 years of contributing to circumpolar research on plant-herbivore interactions, the Herbivory Network is proposing to use a horizon scan to identify research priorities in Arctic herbivory for the coming decade, as a contribution to the ICARP IV (Fourth International Conference on Arctic Research Planning – 2025) process.

For this exciting aim, we are asking for input that will help identify the most important questions to solve the puzzle of herbivory dynamics in the Arctic, by completing this short online survey.

The survey asks you to name one or more priorities for Arctic research in the next decade. These priorities can range from local- to large-scale issues, well-known topics or under-appreciated ones, urgent concerns as well as more distant ones. The submission window is open until September 30, 2023.

The survey responses will be compiled and organised into thematic categories by a core working group. Subsequently, an in-person workshop is scheduled for 2024 to further refine the emerging themes and determine key action points. We anticipate that this collaborative process will be beneficial to ICARP’s objectives while fostering the generation of new knowledge in the field of Arctic herbivory.

This project has been endorsed by the International Arctic Science Committee as an ICARP IV activity.


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