IASC is always looking for new photographs for use in the IASC Bulletin, website, newsletter, calendar, and more. IASC welcomes images depicting all areas of Arctic science including scientists in the field, everyday life, animals, landscapes, and more.

For photographs, IASC depends solely on what Arctic scientists send us. That is why IASC has decided to have a permanently open photocall. No deadlines, you can send us your pictures whenever is best for you! Howecver, if you want your pictures to be considered for the IASC Bulletin and/or the IASC Calendar, please send them no later than September 7, 2024!

IASC is not able to pay for use, but photographers are always credited. If the photo gets published in a printed format (like the IASC Bulletin or Calendar), IASC also mails a copy to the photographer.

With each photo, IASC requests:

  • a short description about what we see and background information on the project/research;
  • location;
  • If the picture depicts recognizable persons, explicit consent is required 
  • name of photographer / Institute;
  • contact information including email address.

You can upload your pictures here, along with the information detailed above (in a standard text format). Images should be at least 3600 pixels wide.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the IASC Secretariat. For more information on IASC’s publications and work, please visit www.iasc.info.


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