IPY 2032 33 Initial Concept Note October 2023The planning for the 5th International Polar Year in 2032-33 is currently underway. Planning discussions have been underway between 17 organisations since 2021 and an initial IPY concept note and planning timeline was published in October 2023.

An interim Secretariat for the IPY planning process is currently being operated by the Secretariats of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

A more detailed interim planning structure for the next two years is currently being set up with the aim of providing an open and inclusive planning process to build an IPY that reflects the aims, objectives and needs of the international research community, as well as Indigenous Peoples, residents of the Polar Regions and wider stakeholders with an interest in polar research.

Interested stakeholders will soon have multiple opportunities to contribute to the IPY planning process. These opportunities to provide input and vision will span both short-term (e.g. through regular town hall meetings / fora) or longer-term (e.g. through participation in the IPY Planning Group and targeted Task Groups). More information will be made available over the coming months.


Joining the IPY Planning Group

At this time we are inviting other regional or international organisations / unions / associations (scientific, Indigenous, educational etc.) to join the IPY Planning Group. Organisations interested to join should be:

  • working on / in the polar regions, including organisations working to deliver/enable science in the polar regions (e.g. logistics)
  • committed to contributing directly and long-term to the planning of the IPY 2032-33

The IPY Planning Group meets at least twice a year (in spring and autumn) and:

  • provides input, advice and overall direction for the IPY planning process and the Interim IPY Steering Committee
  • prepares and presents and assists on taking forward specific issues to the IPY Steering Committee

Additionally, based on their expertise and capacity, IPY Planning Group members may participate in specific Tasks Groups and other ongoing planning tasks that arise during the planning process.

Organisations wishing to join the Interim IPY Planning Group should email the interim IPY Secretariat at ipy-secretariat@iasc.info and submit a survey providing feedback on:

  • Name and contact details of their formal representative for the Interim IPY Planning Group
  • What are your organisations key priorities for the IPY 2032-33?
  • What is your organisation's vision for the ramp-up phase for the IPY?
  • What can your organisation contribute to the IPY planning effort in terms of
    • capacity,
    • financial resources,
    • in-kind support (e.g. staff time, communications support, meeting space),
    • expertise,
    • Other

Applications will be considered for approval by the Interim IPY Steering Committee and the applying organisations will be informed no later than 2 months after the application has been submitted.


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