Summary of main recommendations:

There is a need for the general public and climate scientists to engage in constructive dialogue, and for climate scientists to convey a big picture that provides a context for the discussion of new scientific results and their consequences. The authentic and personal voice of climate scientists in this process is essential for the general public to establish trust in the findings of climate science.

Training and development of climate scientists should address strengthening the transparency of the climate science process, and the degree of public participation within it. More specifically, the objective is to equip the community as a whole with the skills to fulfil a range of roles from 'pure scientist' to 'honest broker of policy options'.

Rather than assuming a role of "truth speaks to power", climate scientists should assume a role of "co-production": where they can contribute their expertise alongside other experts to inform policy formulation and the decision-making process.

A professional body for climate scientists should be established to provide a unifying purpose and to offer leadership.

Active critical self-reflection and humility when interacting with others should become the cultural norm on the part of all participants in the climate discourse.

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