Workshop session during the Young Researcher Workshop in June 2016 at the 11th ICOP in Potsdam

Climate change represents a major challenge for northern regions, and its impacts are already being observed in many communities. The workshop session “Community-based Research – Do`s and Don`ts in Arctic Research” was organized by IASC Fellows Josefine Lenz (TWG), Elena Kuznetsova, Louis-Philippe Roy, Robert Way (all CWG), Kristina Brown and Emily Choy (all MWG) in the frame of the Permafrost Young Researchers Workshop on 18-19 June 2016 during the 11th International Conference on Permafrost 2016 (

This workshop session aimed at bringing together Early Career Scientists (including engineers) and local Arctic actors to discuss best practices and exchange of traditional and modern knowledge when conducting research in northern countries. Together with our invited guests Richard Gordon (Inuvik, Canada), Anna Annasyeva (Tromsø, Norway), Jan Otto Habeck (Hamburg, Germany) and Robert Way (Ottawa, Canada), young researchers created a list of “Do`s and Don`ts in Arctic Research” in small groups and openly discussed with all participants. Sharing of diverse experiences in northern communities, crosscutting of disciplines and greater scientific understanding of the Arctic Regions was actively enhanced during the workshop. The organizers, as well as invited guests and participants, concluded that the workshop session was incredibly interesting and a great success.

Workshop Report


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