IASC SHWG Member and Russian American Andrey Petrov takes over as chairperson of the international Arctic research body IASSA. The university in Archangelsk will be hosting the next big Arctic social sciences conference in 2020.

After a vote at IASSA General Assembly held at ICASS IX in Umeå, Sweden on June 11, 2017, Andrey Petrov took home the largest number of votes, and hence the president title. Andrey Petrov is associate professor in social sciences and manager of the Arctic Centre at the University of Northern Iowa in the US. He was born in Russia, completed his PhD in Canada, and now lives in the US.

Andrey Petrov will be collaborating will his home country as ICASS X will be held in Russia at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Archangelsk.

For the past three years, Umeå University has been host of the IASSA collaborations with Professor Peter Sköld (IASC SHWG Chair) at Umeå University’s Arctic Research Centre as president.

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