This past Friday afternoon, multiple organizations based in the Borgir building at the University of Akureyri welcomed staff and faculty to their new space, which is bringing together an Arctic hub in Akureyri. Now located on the 7th floor of Borgir, IASC is sharing space with the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network, the Northern Research Forum, Rannís (the Icelandic Center for Research), the Icelandic Tourism Research Center, the Nansen Professorship, and staff from the University of Akureyri, which has recently also been approved for Doctoral studies, including in various Arctic research areas.

Along with the new office area, IASC now has some available desk space for visiting Arctic researchers who would like to visit Akureyri. We welcome inquiries from those in the IASC community who feel they might benefit from some time in Akureyri (or, perhaps, are passing through on their way to or from fieldwork), as well as contribute to the community here. IASC hopes that this growing hub, along with the other established Arctic expertise in the same building, will help the Secretariat even better achieve IASC's mission of facilitating international and interdisciplinary Arctic science. 

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