Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) is accepting applications for its fellowship schemes; the Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program and the Arctic Science Fellowship Program.

The Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for early career or established polar scientists from Asian countries to conduct research together with us at our research facilities, including the IBRV Araon, and polar infrastructures. The Arctic Science Fellowship Program offers early career researchers from Arctic countries and researchers of Arctic indigenous heritage with an opportunity to cooperate with KOPRI scientists.

Fellows will be provided with round-trip airfares, moderate stipends and accommodation within KOPRI’s facilities. Each application for the KOPRI fellowship programs must have the support of a KOPRI scientist. Therefore, those who are considering applying to the program are highly encouraged to contact KOPRI scientists and discuss their research proposals before submitting their applications.

Applications for both fellowships are open until February 28, 2019. 

Further information on the programs can be found on the KOPRI website:

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