frozen groundWhat would you think about a board game to learn more about permafrost? Would you want to be involved?

You may have heard of the “Frozen-ground Cartoons” project that started in October 2015. It aims to raise awareness among the general public about permafrost science and its risks linked to climate change by using comics. These cartoons will soon be coupled with augmented reality (AR) material, such as 3D maps, drawings, and videos. IASC (via the Cryosphere, Terrestrial and Social & Human Working Groups) is now supporting this broader project called “Permafrost on All Channels.”

One of the newest initiatives of Permafrost on All Channels is to create a high-quality science-themed board game associated with augmented reality material where permafrost science itself drives the gameplay. A multiplayer permafrost world map platform will be used to engage the player into an educative travel. It will be based on the Trivial Pursuit concept and players will be asked questions from different categories: physics & chemistry, natural sciences, social sciences, geography, and history. Each correct answer will allow them to move around the platform. They will also be able to visualise AR tools at each step of the game, which will give them complementary information about permafrost!

Permafrost on All Channels is currently gathering ideas to come up with as many questions as possible that will fit in the different categories. Questions we could use may start to pop in your head. If you are interested, please contribute to the project by sending them to us!

You can send your questions or any comment about the board game project to Camille Dupuyds at

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