The American Geophysical Union’s 2019 Fall Meeting took place in San Francisco in December. It is an international gathering of over 25,000 scientists which convenes a large Arctic science community (not just geophysicists)!

IASC hosted an IASC Info Session and Working Group Member Meet-up. IASC Executive Secretary Allen Pope provide some information about IASC and its activities to the AGU community, and the event also convened the IASC Working Group members at AGU to meet with each other and the broader community.

After a short presentation about IASC and roundtable introductions, the group engaged in a discussion on interdisciplinary cooperation in Arctic science. Two other points of interest to the IASC community may be the release of the 2019 Arctic Report Card and an Arctic Funders Meet & Greet, at which IASC was also present. Come next year and see you at the ARCUS Arctic Community Reception at AGU, too!

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