Every year around December, IASC publishes our Arctic science calendar.

For graphics and photographs we depend solely on what the IASC community sends us. We are looking for new photographs for the publication of the 2021 Calendar, and other IASC publications such as the website, brochures, social media, and Bulletin. We welcome images depicting all areas of Arctic science: scientists in the field, animals, landscapes, everyday life in the Arctic, and more! For print, the image quality must be around at least 3500 x 2500 pixels.

When submitting photos depicting people please always make sure first you have obtained their permission.

Although we are not able to pay for images, we of course credit  photographers. Photographers also will receives a copy of printed material by mail.

With each photo submission, IASC also requires: 

  • A short description about what we see and background information on the project/research
  • Location
  • Name of photographer / affiliation
  • Contact information (both email and mail addresses)

Please add this information in a Word Document or similar and upload it along with the pictures. Please note: if we do not receive this information, we cannot use your pictures.

Please upload your pictures and associated information here. (You can also send pictures along with the information written above via e-mail to federica.scarpa@iasc.info.)

For your pictures to be considered for the IASC 2021 Calendar, please submit them by 15 September 2020. 

Thank you to all those who make the effort to send in photos. We usually receive more photographs than we can place and therefore have to make a selection based on quality, as well as geographical and thematic representation. We only notify the photographers who's contributions are selected publication.

(Announcement sent out to IASC Mailing List. To suscribe, please fill out this form). 

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