The current pandemic has deeply affected many aspects of our lives, including these concerning research, meetings and science dissemination. In-person meetings and workshops are not allowed or sensibly limited in the vast majority of IASC countries and worldwide. Fieldwork in small and remote Arctic communities is also strongly discouraged, following the recommendations of several Arctic organizations.

As consequence, several IASC-funded activities that were scheduled to take place at ASSW2020, or the remaining year 2020 (and partially also 2021), have been cancelled, postponed or had to be re-arranged into online activities. IASC has implemented an extremely flexible approach, in order to properly deal with the uncertainty of current times by

  • allowing activities and funding allocated during ASSW2019 and ASSW2020 to stretch over a longer span of time, and
  • encouraging the organizers of IASC-funded events to arrange (part of) their activities as online events to ensure IASC activities can continue to happen despite the current restrictions in the pandemic. A list of suggestions has been provided to organizers on how to use IASC funds to support attendance in online activities (e.g. covering online registration fees)

Following the necessary adjustments, the IASC Secretariat is updating the IASC website with more information on new dates and information on the postponed / changed upcoming activities. You can find more information on the IASC Website:

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