The International Network for Circumpolar Health Research (INCHR) and IASC have signed a Letter of Agreement in which they recognize their common interests in scientific research in the polar regions. Both organizations view that there is much to be gained from developing a synergy between INCHR and IASC in promoting health research in the Arctic.

Following the success of the IPY where researcher teams with expertise in health, natural, and social sciences collaborated with Arctic residents in a variety of multidisciplinary projects, INCHR and IASC agreed to seek new opportunities to combine their efforts for activities related to health sciences in the Arctic.

The INCHR is a network of individual researchers, research trainees, and supporters of research based in academic research centers, Indigenous people’s organizations, regional health authorities, scientific/professional associations, and government agencies, who share the goal of improving the health of the residents of the circumpolar regions through international cooperation in scientific research.

A copy of the LoA can be downloaded on this website under IASC partnerships / formal agreements.

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