RosalieIASC is pleased to announce the selection of a new Cryosphere Working Group secretary, who will begin his term immediately, to help the CWG prepare for Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 at the end of March. The role of the Working Group Secretaries is to support the IASC Working Groups by organizing meetings, keeping minutes, and other related tasks.

Following a competitive selection process, the new Secretary is Rosalie Dawn MckayRosalie is a PhD candidate studying marine biogeochemistry in the Arctic Marine System Ecology group atUiT, Tromsø, Norway. Her main scientific interests are how regional and seasonal variations affect microbial sea ice communities, and what this in turn means for the global carbon cycle. She is also keenly interested in how sea ice microbes have adapted to survive the polar night. Linking fieldwork to experimental studies, she hopes to highlight how methodologies may impact sea ice biogeochemical measurements.

We are of course very sad to lose outgoing Secretary Dr. Michael Wood. Thank you very much for your service over the past years, and our best wishes for your career! 

Updated information on the status of the IASC (Dispersed) Secretariat is always available here

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