As an international organisation dedicated to peaceful scientific cooperation between nations, IASC unreservedly condemns the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting war and loss of life and human suffering this causes. 

IASC was founded at the end of the Cold War in 1990 as an international scientific organisation that encourages and facilitates cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research and in all areas of the Arctic region. Our whole history and that of the Arctic is one of dialogue, peaceful action and low tensions. We are proud of the role that IASC has played in bringing together scientists as well as Indigenous peoples and knowledge holders from across the Arctic, including Russia, to work in partnership on understanding and reacting to changes that are ongoing in the Arctic. Creating strong research teams and collaborations, spreading goodwill and knowledge has been and will remain our aim.

IASC is committed to continuing that mission to support scientists in working together for the good of the Arctic and the world. As an affiliated member to the International Science Council (ISC) and an Observer to the Arctic Council we recognise and support the

We cannot proceed as normal within IASC. Therefore, the IASC Council, as our decision-making body, will evaluate the situation at its next meeting at the end of March during the Arctic Science Summit Week 2022 in Tromsø, Norway to discuss implications for IASC and our future work.

Our thoughts are with everyone suffering in Ukraine. We issue a heartfelt plea for a return to peace as quickly as possible. 

Issued by 5 of the 6 members of the IASC Executive Committee

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