ExComAt ASSW2022 in Tromsø, Norway, IASC Council elected a new president and two new vice-presidents to its Executive Committee. Congratulations to:

Henry Burgess (President, UK),
Joao Canario (Vice-President, Portugal), and
Matthew Druckenmiller (Vice-President, USA)

Vice-President Paula Kankaanpää (Finland) was re-elected, and Vice-President Hiroyuki Enomoto (Japan) continues. The Executive Committee is complemented by the IASC Executive Secretary Gerlis Fugmann. Sincere thanks for Larry Hinzman (former President) and Vladimir Pavlenko (former Vice-President) for their service.

As they begin and continue their four-year terms, the IASC Executive Committee operates as a board of directors and manages IASC’s activities between Council meetings; this group meets four times a year to discuss and evaluate science initiatives, look at new opportunities for international cooperation, prepare the agenda for Council meetings and review the budget. 

Photo: Stina Guldbrandsen / UiT 
Back row (left to right): Matthew Druckenmiller, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Henry Burgess
Front row (left to right): Paula Kankaanpää, Gerlis Fugmann. 
Vice-President Joao Canario attended the meeting online. 

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