Final Report

How does a reindeer experience climate change? Can a turkey melt? And why is research in the Arctic better than holidays on the beach? Two artists and twelve scientists provide a completely new perspective on the Arctic.

The Frozen-Ground Cartoon is a series of brand-new comics about permafrost, funded by the International Permafrost Association (IPA) with additional support from IASC (Terrestrial and Cryosphere WGs). The project has so far produced 22 pages of comics through an iterative process of exchanging ideas between two artists and thirteen scientists. The comics are available for free download through the project web page The Frozen-Ground Cartoon, in English and Swedish, and printed copies have so far been handed out to school kids and general public in Europe and North America.


Next Steps

  • Distribute the comics as wide as possible.
  • Work towards translations into more languages.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the science communication through the comics, in collaboration with schools and pedagogic experts.


Date and Location: 

11 December 2017 | Québec (Canada)


IASC Working Group / Committees funding the Project:


Project Lead

Frédéric Bouchard, Michael Fritz


Year funded by IASC



Project Status





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