Project Summary

Blue Justice in and for the Arctic is one-year agenda with 3 events to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars focusing on themes of justice in Arctic maritime (and coastal) spaces. The goal is to promote greater knowledge and understanding of this particular concern, which to date remains limited in Arctic studies and in the Arctic is uniquely contextualised in its material aspects by both water and ice. Blue justice is taken to represent issues and concerns of justice related to ocean spaces and how coastal communities and small-scale maritime economies are situated within global systems, regulations and governance.


Date and Location: 

May/June 2024 I Bodø, Norway

August 2024 I Lille, France

Oct/Nov 2024 I TBC


IASC Working Groups funding the Project:


Project Lead

Corine Wood-DonnellyNord University, Norway


Year funded by IASC



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