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Belowground ecosystem properties are likely one of the most important drivers of Arctic ecosystem response to climate change. At our first meeting during ASSW2020 we introduced the four themes and formed working groups for each area. Our plan coming out of the workshop is to synthesize the state of knowledge and future research directions for each of the four themes. The product of this meeting with be a perspectives piece to be submitted to New Phytologist as a Viewpoint article, which provides a roadmap for future research. We plan for each working group to meet regularly along with meetings of the full network as we work on the perspectives piece and continue our dialogue about future synthesis products. Our workshop was supported by the IASC Terrestrial Working Group and fostered the participation of many early career researchers.



  • Our open meeting included participants from ten countries (Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA).
  • Over half of our participants were early career scientists.
  • The IASC TWG supported involvement of six participants of which five are early career researchers.


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March 2020 | Online


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Rebecca Eliza Hewitt


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