IASC Fellows Award Presentation, ASSW 2017
IASC Fellows Award Presentation, ASSW 2017, Prague (Czech Republic)


IASC Fellows 2017

Manisha Ganeshan | Atmosphere WG
Atmospheric boundary layer, Convection, Atmospheric turbulence, Boundary layer-cloud interactions, Surface-atmosphere coupling, Polar climate, Climate modeling and sub-grid scale processes in climate models, Remote sensing
Shridhar Jawak | Cryosphere WG
Polar remote sensing
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Thomas Armitage | Marine WG
Polar sea ice and oceanography, Sea ice-ocean interactions, Arctic freshwater budget, Ice sheet-ocean interactions
Violetta Gassiy | Social and Human WG
Sustainable development, Community development, Green economy, Arctic sustainability and changes, Indigenous communities, Corporate social responsibility, Partnership (government-business-NGO)
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Alevtina Evgrafova | Terrestrial WG
Soil science, Permafrost degradation, Spatial data analysis, GIS, Environmental system assessment, Sustainable development, Ecotoxicology


Paul Zieger | Atmosphere WG E-mail, CV
Alek Petty | Cryosphere WG E-mail, CV
Allison Fong | Marine WG E-mail
Justiina Dahl | Social and Human WG E-mail, CV
Scott Zolkos | Terrestrial WG E-mail
Yulia Zaika | ISIRA E-mail


Jo Browse | Atmosphere WG E-mail
Robert Way | Cryosphere WG E-mail
Kristina Brown | Marine WG E-mail
Andrian Vlakhov | Social and Human WG E-mail, CV
Josefine Lenz | Terrestrial WG E-mail, CV
Yulia Zaika | ISIRA E-mail


Elena Kuznetsova | Cryosphere WG E-mail
Louis-Philippe Roy | Cryopshere WG E-mail
Emily Choy | Marine WG
Environmental toxicology and chemistry, Marine biology, Ecophysiology, Marine and freshwater food webs, Mercury, Organic contaminants, Fatty acid signatures, Stable isotope ratios, Oxygen-binding proteins, Community-based research
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Paul Suprenand | Marine WG E-mail
Candice Lys | Social and Human WG E-mail
Małgorzata Śmieszek | Social and Human WG E-mail
Jeffrey Ross |Terrestrial WG E-mail
Noemie Boulanger-Lapointe |Terrestrial WG E-mail