Project Description

The WCRP CliC/CLIVAR Northern Oceans Region (NORP) and the SCAR/CliC/CLIVAR Southern Ocean (SORP) Panels are organizing a workshop and summer school on “Polar Climates: Theoretical, Observational and Modelling Advances” to be held at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. The summer school and workshop will take place July 22 -31, 2024.

The 7-day summer school will focus on the three topics: 

  1. Ocean-atmosphere-cryosphere interactions in the Polar regions. This topic will involve new theoretical, observational and modelling studies dealing with the interactions among different components of the climate systems at all spatial and temporal scales, including their regional and global impacts.
  1. Ice sheets-ocean interactions. This topic will focus on observational estimates, new coupled Arctic system modelling frameworks, and impacts on global climate and sea level rise.
  1. Sources, sinks, and impacts of freshwater in Polar oceans. Polar regions are a major source of freshwater to the global ocean system including river runoff and land-ice melt. The atmosphere and ocean variability that determine these sources are currently changing under the influence of global warming. These processes, associated feedbacks and potential for impact are highly complex. This topic will focus on their modelling and assessment.

The 3-day workshop will focus on “The role of sea ice and its variability in the climate system” to share knowledge on a focused topic and involve the students in in-depth discussions. The workshop will have a key note speaker in the morning and afternoon (one from the Southern Ocean and one from the northern oceans), with a focus on comparing and contrasting processes and feedbacks in the two polar oceans. There will be one poster session each day for the participants. In addition, a poster session will be organized for the summer school students to present their projects to a larger audience and get feedback on their work.

Date and Location 

22 – 31 July 2024  | Trieste, Italy


IASC Working Groups funding the project

Project Lead

Amy SomolonUniversity of Colorado and NOAA/PSL, USA


Year funded by IASC





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