Final Project Report 

The participation of an early career scientist on a research cruise operated by an international partner was facilitated in 2022. Our primary project goal is to increase the participation of early career scientists and/or Indigenous knowledge holders on ships conducting oceanographic research in the Arctic on a cross-platform, international basis, e.g. Canadians would be accommodated on a Korean ship or Swedes on a US vessel, or any other international platform that would allow the participation of one country's scientist(s) on another's country's vessel. The object of this program in general is to improve international cooperation and coordination, data sharing, complement observations, and collaboration across international boundaries. This project supported travel to join the ship.

Following approval of the project by the Marine Working Group of IASC in 2020, challenges were posed by the Covid epidemic, but in 2022, we were successful in using funds from this project to support the participation of an early career German scientist, Jona Silberberg, on a US vessel as part of the Synoptic Arctic Survey, which in itself is an internationally coordinated endeavor aligned with the goals and strategy of the Marine Working Group of IASC. Ms. Silberberg undertook independent genomic research on sediment meiofauna while aboard the two-month cruise.  Salary support for Ms. Silberberg was provided by the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel and the berth aboard the USCGC Healy was made available at no cost through US National Science Foundation funding of the Synoptic Arctic Survey.

Based upon the success of this effort, we have proposed that new funding be considered by the Marine Working Group for 2023. In particular in 2023, there is an opportunity to place international early career scientists and/or Indigenous knowledge holders on the Japanese oceanographic vessel, the Mirai. The Japanese Agency for Marine Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has organized a process for selection of scientists and knowledge holders who will be able to undertake research and observations during the Mirai’s 2023 research activities in the Pacific Arctic region. 


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Arctic Ocean, September 3 - October 29, 2022


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