Final Project Report

The IASC-funded workshop “The Future of Arctic Fjord Systems“ facilitated a transdisciplinary forum for Arctic natural and social scientists for knowledge exchange on the burning issues associated to the transition of the Artic towards a more boreal regime. The workshop focussed on the notion of Arctic fjord systems as coupled social ecological systems (SES), and explored linkages between fjord ecosystem services and changes in their provision and use, as well as adaptation options for industry and governance. It thus aligned with the strategic foci in the Social science and Humanities, Marine and Cryosphere groups. The discussions during the workshop were synthesized into the concept of the transdisciplinary research project proposal FACE-IT (The Future of Arctic Coastal Ecosystems – Identifying Transitions in Fjord Systems and adjacent coastal areas”). In this way the workshop funded by IASC represents a significant milestone in the process of proposal writing. The full proposal has been submitted to the European Commission.

Update: The proposal that was written during the workshop and later submitted to H2020 cryosphere call was successful. The project is called "The Future of Arctic Coastal Ecosystems – Identifying Transitions in Fjord Systems and adjacent coastal areas" (€ 6,3 mill, 2020-2023), its led by University of Bremen with partners in Norway, France and Denmark. It will be case studies with strong social science components focusing on tourism and livelihoods in Svalbard, Greenland and Finmark (Norway).


  • High-profile discussions on the concept of Arctic fjords as coupled socio-ecological systems.

  • Identification of pressing research needs to minimize the level of uncertainty in predictions on the future Arctic

  • Final elaboration of a comprehensive research proposal under the H2020 program.


Date and Location

22 - 23 July 2019 | Oslo (Norway)


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