Final Project Report

The international expert community on sea ice biogecochemical processes at sea-ice interfaces (BEPSII) had another productive meeting in conjunction with the international IGS sea-ice symposium in Winnipeg. Five Task Groups were established to address and report on several sucessful intercomparison projects, technology and data collection, modelling and observational process, synthesis, and outreach. Small group and pleneray discussions were held to draft an extended outline for a BEPSII community paper on sea-ice ecosystem services. The Paper will cover both Arctic and Antarctic and will highlight ecologically and biologically significant components of the sea-ice ecosystem and what services the system provides to the human society. Several other integrative procects are in the planning stage, including to built a better/closer link with the atmospheric chemistry community CATCH and to revisit the sea-ice carbon pump due to many new discoveries and insights in recent years.

For more information, read BEPSII full report.


  • BEPSII prepared a community paper/position analysis summarizing "The future of Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems" which will be submitted to Nature Climate Change shortly.

  • BEPSII/ECV-ice successfully performed intercomparison projects (PP and light) at the Saroma-ka Lagoon in Japan and the is preparing upcoming intercomparison projects on sea-ice CO2 flux measurements and primary production at the sea-ice chamber (University of East Anglia) and in Cambridge Bay (Canada, 2021).

  • BEPSII chaired a session at the IGS sea-ice symposium in addition to two other biology related session, which greatly enhanced the focus on biogeochemical processes in the sea-ice region, compared to earlier IGS sea-ice symposia


Date and Location

16 - 18 August 2019 | Winnipeg (Canada)


IASC Working Groups funding the project


Project Lead

Nadja Steiner (Canada)


Year funded by IASC



Project Status





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